How to start blogging in 2020? A step by step guide to become a successful blogger.

Start Blogging in 2020


Blogging is the art of express about something. A proper blog is that where almost everything even a minute detail about the subject is articulated in a very clear and systematic manner.

Features a Blog article should have-

  • Simple language
  • Informative content.
  • Regular information updations
  • Uniqueness among similar articles.

Some Common Query about Blogging-

Your Query My Ans
How to set up a website for blogging?Your answer in the website setting section
How much will it cost or what is the initial investment to become a blogger?It depends on how much you want to spend. Even one can start it for free.
How much we can earn from blogging?Depends on content, your effort
Is it the right time to start blogging in 2020?No time is right or wrong. Competition always persists in each and every field. Here if your content is pretty enough to rank, then give you definite success
Is there any education or skill requirement?Basic Education and a skill in the field in which you want to write blogs is required.

As you are in my blog definitely you have searched something related to start blogging. It is obvious to get these query in your mind. When I started my blogging carrier I made some mistakes starting from purchasing a website to writing my first blog. So I am here telling you things from A to Z.

Not everyone is a rich kid having an ample of resources to invest in the initial stage of blogging. You have to invest your hard earned money in a very careful way. So before starting anything you need to know the benefits and that are

  • Income
  • Social interaction
  • Reorganization
  • Follower base

 But you get everything after months of consistent efforts only. Let me explain my words by elaborating one answer of an above and very common query in your mind that it’s not the right time to start blogging as it is too late and already many pro bloggers, tons of thousands of articles, so many highly rated websites and above all millions of new blog starters and competitors in your niche are there. But trust me as you can. In the blogging industry there is a common saying “content is the king” and it’s the reality. One perfect keyword can make you a pro here and it can rank your site at the zenith of search engine list. 

To start blogging you require-

  • A perfect Niche selection
  • A Website
  • Content Management System(Some services have default CMS)
  • Customization

Niche Selection-

Proper Niche selection is very important in the blogging industry. Niche is a decisive factor and it defines your destiny. So you have to be very much careful during selecting a niche. But first of all, let me clarify what is a niche? Simply it is the subject or topic in which you are interested to write articles or blogs. The niche has several sub-niches in it. The more the number of sub-niches inside a niche the more the number of blogs you can write. You can compare it with one of your classroom subjects let Science. If it is the niche of your blog then you can also write blogs related to Physics, Chemistry, Life Science and Earth Science also as these belong to science and can be the sub-niches of Science blog. I think you are now clear about the Niche of a blog.

How to Choose a Niche?-

You can select a blog niche by either of the following methods-

  • You can select a niche having high demand.
  • You can select a niche of your interest.

But wait, none of the methods directly pave your way to the pillar of success unless and until you have sufficient knowledge about your selected niche and this soundness about your niche defines your success percentage. Rather than this, your niche should have abundant no of either evergreen or market demanding keywords. If your selected niche is the union of all of above then undoubtedly your blog startup will work. If you select a profitable niche without having any concepts about it then you are on the wrong track towards your success. So take day break from your other works to sit with a pen and paper and chose at least 5 areas of your knowledge and interest. Then write separate articles on those topics without anyone’s help and other references. Compare the five the more informative one will be the winner. If you can’t compare by yourself you can take the help of others, even you can ask me for this little help also.


To post your blog you need a website using which readers directly read your posts. You can either purchase a website or prefer free sites like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Medium, Yola and Joomla. But besides their branding inside your free blogging website URL and Webpages, some of them have the following major demerits

  • Impossible to migrate.
  • Fewer customization options.
  • Improper or no support to AD and Affiliate programs.
  • less storage space.
  • Restriction in total no. of pages.

A website has a domain name and hosting space. If you rely on free blogging sites no need to worry about choosing a hosting service provider as your blogging site will provide you it’s own hosting and CMS platforms but if you go for purchasing a blogging website you definitely need one. Let me explain about both Domain name and Site hosting

Domain Name-

It is a unique name or word using which anyone can browse your site. For example, in mean while you are reading my blog. The location bar of your browser shows From this ‘gotitornot’ is the domain name of my website. It is preferable to choose a domain name that suits or defines your work either partially or totally and it should be easy to remember. These two factors have a role in your site popularity and injecting traffic towards your blogging site.


Hosting is the storage place of your website, similar to your computer hard drive. Here all data, pages, posts and customization are stored. So the hosting provider should minimum have the ability of frequent data backup with sufficient storage and all this with a pocket friendly price. I made a mistake during selection of hosting plan for my site. Unknowing to the deficiencies it had, I preferred the WordPress Premium plan as it costs par with other hosting plans, but no auto backup, no plug-in support, very limited HTML code support, and no or less integration to Google and other famous ad services forced me to upgrade my plan. For this I paid some extra money but got half validity than that of previous plan. You better understand how painful that situation was. So before you go for any paid service you have to do research and compare thoroughly regarding the benefits that plan promises to give. You can go to their sites, browse the internet or search and watch on YouTube videos for research about the plan before purchase. Some popular web hosting sites (not necessarily in priority order) are

  • WordPress
  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • Hostinger
  • GoDaddy
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • A2 hosting
  • DreamHost

Content Management System-

Not every one of us belongs to Web designing background. To make website designing more simple, Content Management System (CMS) is used to manage and customize your site. This part is totally free of cost. Several CMS services are there like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Grav, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Weebly and many more, but the majority of sites are launched using WordPress CMS service and here I recommend you to choose WordPress as your CMS platform beacuse it has very user-friendly interface and is rich of many Themes, templates and plugins. You can use Joomla and Drupal too but as a beginner, it is not preferable to waste your time in these stuffs. After you install CMS service you are required to set up user id and password which are required each time you enter inside your CMS dashboard. One more precaution is that never go for any web builder platform as it is a bit expensive, having very limited features and nearly impossible for sites to further migrate.


This part consists of

  • Installing an eye-catching theme.
  • Installing the required plugins.
  • Choosing templates for individual pages.


Installing an Eye-catching theme is necessary to attract visitors towards your site and it generates good impression about your website. Your Selected theme should have the best color scheme and layout, easily customizable and having all necessary features inbuilt. Some necessary features a blog website should have are

  • Readiness to all device (desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Compatibility  to Popular Web Browsers
  • A place for Site name and Brand Logo.
  • Navigation Bar integration
  • Search tab facility
  • Social media icons links
  • Recent Post Widget
  • Blog Archives Widget

However several plugins can also do these jobs but I never suggest installing many plugins because installing more plug-ins will reversely affect the loading speed of your website which in turn affects your Website traffic. I personally suggest some themes which I am and I was using in my websites these are 2020, Hestia, Astra, Hever, Morden, GeneratePress and Brompton.


Plugins are very necessary for a website. You can install and use them as per your requirements. The major requirements of a website that can be fulfilled by plugins are given bellow

One more advice is, you should never ever try either multiple plugins of similar category or untested or noncompatible plugins which may result in plugin conflict and finally a possibility of a site crash. I personally experienced my test website crashes due to plugin conflict and installing low rating plugins. So I have given active no of installations against each plugin mentioned in the above plugin table.

Template selection-

Templates are required for the easy setup of a page with default or built-in functionality. The layout, designs and adjustments are predefined which makes it readymade for your use in pages like Contact us, About us, Disclaimer, etc. This eliminates the requirement of any HTML or CSS coding knowledge and helps in the quick configuration of your webpage.

Things to know before Writing your first article-

I know you are in a hurry to post your first blog, but you shoud follow the basic instructions other wise you will be suffer here. Yes, you heard it right. The art of writing a masterpiece blog is not so easy. This industry also has some cutting edge techniques to grab more traffics. The whole thing is inside the content and it’s non-other than the keyword to decide your victory in carrier struggle. Millions of articles have a value of zero here. So you have to follow my suggestions before writing your first blog and my suggestions are as follows

  • You have to do proper research on keywords on which you are about to write an article.
  • Write the blog in a systematic order so that it is interesting for readers.
  • Add relevant images, gifs, charts, tables, graphs in blogs as it grabs readers’ attention to a further level.
  • You are allowed to take some references from other blog posts but don’t ever do a copy-paste of the content or material of others without proper permission and use others’ material in accordance with the guidelines and type of the copyright. Always remember all contents here are the registered property of the publisher immediately after posting, so you will be sued if you dare to do any copyright infringement and spoil your carrier further.


This is the brief description of how to start a blog and from this blog I think you get a clear idea about how to start a blog. So its time to kick start your first blog. All the very best.

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